Huge Changes in Nursing Career and Life!

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Ok, new changes in my world.   I was living and working at a permanent job in Prescott, AZ pursing a flight career.  Unfortunately that door sometimes opened and then closed again.  It has been quite an adventure.   I decided to dabble in the world of Travel Nursing.   I am currently living on the beach in North Carolina and it is absolutely beautiful.


It is quite a different world for this desert rat.  When I applied to the flight nurse programs, the one I wanted to get into stated that I need to get to a larger system and experience some trauma and do some ride-a-longs.  I’ve completed one a ride along and I am now working at a busy level two trauma center that lets me play.    If anybody is considering travel nursing, I highly recommend it.  It gives you the opportunity to make good money and see America.  My wife and I, traveling on our way out here, decided to stop in Monroe and see the Duck Dynasty place and visit family in Georgia.   Not to mention, Christie and I were able to spent a lot of quality time together.


I’ve been thinking about Travel Nurse companies… These companies are making a LOT of cash off my labor.  I’m wondering if I can find a way to make/write my own contracts to these companies.   This is just a thought :).  We’ll see!

My buddy and I opened a business January first and we have been making quite some cash at this endeavor.  At least enough to take both of our wives to Europe.   It has been a fun endeavor allowing me to take my wife across the country.  We’ve purchased cars off Ebay and resold them and bought and resold cell phones.   Its a fun side job that has proven fairly lucrative..  I think to be truly successful, I need to find new ways to make cash :).  I love hearing ideas and supporting other entrepreneurs.  It does not have to be the nursing field.   Feel free to write me



Someday I’ll be Successful

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I woke up this morning @ 0300 AM unable to go back to sleep.  I’ve just worked 6 days straight and am now feeling as though a Semi-Truck just ran over me.  Thank God I am now on my 8 days off.   I woke up on edge, with a million thoughts going through my head, feeling overwhelmed about my lack of progress on my ideas/business pursuits.  This morning I cleaned my desk and developed overarching plans for the different businesses I believe I can be successful in.  I have a meeting tomorrow with a supplier to figure out if I can get a unique product out and get started.   This particular business I tried to start up in College, but failed due to loss of interest r/t to challenges with being a successful Marketer.  I have done a lot of research since then in Marketing and want to have another go at it.  We’ll see :).  There have been a lot of these early morning idea creation sessions.   I have yet to make a dollar w/ any of them.  I am not giving up yet!

My New Thought for RNAcademy.Com

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Instead of Squashing all of the work I’ve completed on RN Academy, I’m thinking of developing a site where I will document my progress through different nursing tests.  For example, I want to complete my Certified Emergency Nurse certification.  I believe this will help me in my continued Career goals of being a Flight Nurse and continuing my education.   We’ll see :).

Still Wondering

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A lot has been going on in my life.  First off, I just celebrated my 1-year anniversary with my wife.  It has been an amazing year.  We flew to Napa, and did some wine-tasting there, then drove up to Mendocino and had a great time right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.   We did the whole touristy thing in San Francisco and went to Alcatraz.  That was very interesting!  All in all,  the vacation was much needed.  The downfall however was the poison oak I got myself into when hiking to a waterfall.  To each his own I guess.

With my web-based businesses, I guess I am on the post-a-month plan right now.   Last month I’ve done quite a bit of tests with Facebook ads, sending people to the facebook page and directly to the RN academy landing page.  It seemed as though the Facebook ads pointing to the RN Academy page really helped increase my exposure.  However, I am thinking I want to figure out a way to drive traffic to the site without paying for the traffic.  I guess that is where increased SEO exposure is very important.   I still have not earned any penny’s in this web-based desire to earn my living online.  It will come, can’t quit yet, I guess I am just distracted with what works now, and that is my nursing profession.

Thanks for reading :)…



Definitely Wondering What is Next

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I have recently accepted a job closer to home.  It is great to be spending more time with my wife, however, going through another orientation is tough.  I am continuing to work on a variable schedule, while attempting to work prn for extra dinero.  I’ve worked quite a bit on RNAcademy, it is starting to look pretty nice, now I need to figure out a good vision for the site.   I was initially thinking NCLEX, did some facebook ads with ok results..  I know there are students out there that need help/coaching..  Perhaps I will re-market and try again.  I have so many other entrepreneurial thoughts, that I’d like to come to fruition, or at least try.

I spoke to a friend recently and he was such a great encouragement to me, he said, Phil, if you worked on only 4 projects a year and one of those projects became great, all those other projects that you failed will be worth it.  We’ll see..  I HATE failing.  Thanks for listening blog world.  Sorry it has taken me so long to get a post out.

Learning quite a bit

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I just listened to Pat Flynn’s How To Be Everywhere speech and it was very inspiring. I am a little discouraged because I want everything to be completed.  There is so many variable’s in creating a business and it is interesting to see whether the market wants what we can provide or is not interested.  I am very interested to see if what I have to offer is needed and/or wanted and will not botch this project until that question is answered.

I developed two new blog posts, to total 5 on RN academy.  These 5 blog posts I feel are pretty unique.  Now I need to figure out how to get the message out as to what I am trying to do and what strategy I want to pursue.  Twitter is going pretty well.  I really need to invest a bit more in Facebook.  I think Facebook has a lot of potential when it comes to promoting this business.

I am trying to find more people who are interested in being apart of an entrepreneurship mastermind group. Please email me if you are interested.  Thank you for your time!




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Still working my tail off on RN academy. Did quite a bit last week. My ER shifts / spending time with my pretty lady have taken up most of my time these last two days. Tomorrow I hope to get a lot of work done while my wife is at work. I am seeing some more entrenurse things pop up on the web. See one lady is already getting a webinar set up. I better keep rocking this to dominate this niche. Ok, so far on RNAcademy, the twitter following is working better than I thought. I’m around 170 followers, still trying to get my social proof there. I developed 3 epic content posts, I want to do 3 more tomorrow, set up my mailing list and start working on my Webinar. I need to get a few successes and get the cash-flow coming in. I want to sincerely know if there is a market out for what I am prepared to offer. Thanks for following me if you are. Asta luego :).


RNAcademy Marketing Plan

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Been listening to some great podcasts lately, specifically on the topic of traffic building. I am especially interested in different strategies to gain a following in my niche by targeting the “influencers” of specific groups.  I am finding it to be a lot of work initially, but so far, am seeing some rewards.  I understand that I need to continue to work at this to build relationships with people.

Lately I’ve been working on my twitter following. Currently I am following 300+ people specific to my niche.  I have 65 followers.  I am split testing a strategy that I learned from Social Media Expert Don Crowther to see if it works.  I am trying to give my niche followers very relevant, unique information according to my niche.  Therefore, for one week, I have 5 scheduled tweets, with quotes, videos and tips randomly tweeting throughout the day focused on specific hash tags to see if this strategy will work.  I will keep you posted.

Yesterday, I also watched a video on how to target facebook users and sell to them.  I am finding that this may be a very lucrative strategy for me.  I need to put the time in however to build up my website, brand etc.. to really get this thing rolling.

I feel as though I am learning quite a bit and would love to join a mastermind group regarding Internet Business if anybody is serious about this stuff and is interested.  Email me please at  Thank you for your time!!

Million Dollar Challenge

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I have finally decided to develop a site to hold me accountable to the progress of all of my entrepreneurial endeavors as a registered nurse.  This site will provide for me a venue to get my thoughts out there and really be honest about what is working for me and what isn’t.  I will be very transparent with the community in this endeavor in hopes that I can have healthy feedback in developing and putting my voice out for this million dollar challenge.  I am excited about supporting other people that are putting themselves out there to make their blogs/companies successful.  I look forward to working with you folks.  Please shoot me an email (philATphilschafer.ME).  I want to meet you.


** Million Dollar Challenge **

Website: Http://www.RnAcademy.Com

Purpose:  A resource for fellow registered nurses.  Through discussion, this site will promote excellence in nursing as a field, as an employee and as career-minded successful job seekers.

Income:  Currently $0.00, hoping to change this :).  Plans to sell Advertising, products, etc..  This may take awhile depending on the needs of the market.

Marketing to: New Grad RN’s, Nursing School applicants, Re-Entry Registered Nurses, and Nurses in the current nursing field that desire to better their career and continue their education.

More to Come :).

5 things Completed, 4 things more to do on RNAcademy!

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Today I continue to develop  I am enjoying the prospect of mind-mapping the whole strategy.  My hope is to be very successful with this.  It is very challenging to market from several different social media angles.  I eventually want to build a strategy for this.

I have no idea how successful I will be with this, but I intend to put my heart into it and will let you folks know :).  I need to know if its going to fail.  I know there is a need for the product I am offering, but I am curious whether anybody is going to bite.  Who knows.


  • Mind-mapped my social media strategy with Facebook and Twitter.  I am following the advice from Jay from from Internet Business Mastery..  They had a great podcast on how to get social media followers quickly to your chosen niche.  My Niche is very very specific so that will work great hopefully :).  I have my work cut out for me.
  • Got a call from Godaddy thanking my for purchasing my domain from them (great customer service)
  • Cleaned the home office..  I finally set it up the way I want it.  Both my wife and I needed an office where we could “Explode” in working.  She is a teacher and when she comes home, American history books are flung all over our office table.  I’ll post before and after pictures of the newly created office soon.
  • Will be soon going to sleep soon, yesterday was my first day working in the Emergency Department. All I can say was WOW.  That type of work is absolutely is like heroin in my veins (or insert another addictive substance here) and I am so very excited to be in that type of work.
  • Still learning what it means to do this blogging thing.

Soon To Win At:

  • Develop the format of RNAcademy.Com
  • Create the mailing list
  • Start working on the Webinar Product
  • Develop “epic” content for RNAcademy.Com

Please hold me accountable to these things folks!  Thanks for all you do.  Please email me  I want to develop great relationships with other entrepreneurs doing the same thing I am.